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On an unshakable path to a sustainable future

We hold ourselves accountable so we can deliver on our promise to always lead a business that is ethical and responsible.

Minimising environmental impact is at the forefront of every decision we make. Planet and people have always and will always come before profit.

We instil sustainability and corporate responsibility into every aspect of our business. From the materials we use in our jewellery to the ecological initiatives we support, care for the environment is part of our DNA.

We’ve taken action from the very beginning so that our impact grows as we do.


What we're doing to protect the planet

We are carbon neutral:

We strive to limit the impact our business has on the environment. This is why we’re working hard to reduce or offset our carbon emissions through our entire business and processes. We’re incredibly proud to be Carbon Neutral Certified and verified by the four largest Carbon Certifications worldwide - Verified Carbon Standard (VCS), Gold Standard Voluntary Emission Reductions (VER), UK and EU Emissions Trading Standard (EU & UK ETS) and the United Nations Certified Emissions Reductions (CER) programmes.

One tree planted for every order:

We’re in a lifelong partnership with Ecologi to plant a tree for every order placed on our site. This means our customers are actively contributing to the Eden Reforestation Project, an initiative using mangrove trees to filter carbon and protect the natural habitat of tropical fish.

Did you know? Mangrove trees can absorb three to four times more carbon per acre than other trees in tropical rainforests. This makes them superheroes in the fight against climate change!


Responsibly sourced and ethical raw materials:

Gemstones and precious metals come at a high price to the planet. The lengthy process associated with sourcing and treating them can have catastrophic effects on both the ecosystem and the communities involved in mining them.

This is why we keep a close eye on our supply chain, only working with manufacturers using ethically sourced gemstones and lab-grown, conflict-free diamonds.

More than that, all our sterling silver is 100% recycled, which produces two thirds less CO2 than mined silver.

Plastic-free, eco-friendly packaging:

Mindfully crafted, inside and out. We have reinvented the unboxing experience to guarantee minimal waste. That means all our packaging is either reusable, recycled or recyclable!

Every order you receive will guarantee:

* A paperless dispatch: No unnecessary order forms or return labels are included in your order. Everything is done online!

*No single-use plastic: Plastic? No, thanks. You won’t find it anywhere near our supply chain.

*Eco delivery boxes: Our gorgeous jewellery boxes are made using organic, Fairtrade and FSC-certified materials. They’re 100% recycled and recyclable!

*Compostable labels: Our jewellery cards and labels are made from compostable seeded paper. So, once you’ve unwrapped your new Milly Grace, you can watch your labels bloom!

*Long live the pouch: We’re shaving even more off our carbon emissions by swapping small jewellery boxes for organic cotton pouches. These smaller packages are easier to transport, meaning we can fulfil more orders with fewer vans. Good things do come in small packages!

And what we're planning to do next:

We’re working really hard to continue making a positive change to the jewellery industry. We won’t stop until all our metal is 100% recycled. Help us fight the good fight by enrolling in our Recycling Scheme!


Keeping us accountable

Transparency is a core principle of our business. It’s important that our customers feel part of open conversations about critical issues. You can join the discussion over on our social media or by emailing your questions and suggestions to

We will continue to share our sustainability journey with our lovely community on this page. Check back soon for updates on our latest green initiatives and milestones.