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Our Story

Milly Grace was born from a simple question… 
Why do we have to choose?

When founder Emily was studying at Edinburgh University, she was surprised at how difficult it was to find stylish, high-quality jewellery pieces that matched her values. 

She realised that consumers were given only two options.  They could spend their hard-earned cash on luxury items, or end up with a collection of poor quality pieces. 

Digging a little further, Emily noticed there was a lack of independent designers that offered affordable options. And even fewer who could do this whilst keeping ethical practices and sustainability at their heart.  

Why couldn’t well-made jewellery be both mindful and accessible? 

From this realisation came a calling. To reinvent the jewellery industry so that it resembled the high standards of the conscientious buyer. 

Emily founded Milly Grace in March 2020, designing, packaging and mailing orders from her living room in Yorkshire

As the company grows, Milly Grace remains a home-grown, female-led brand founded on the core principles of quality, transparency and inclusivity.

Looking Good, Doing Good 

Our exciting collections comprise hard-working staples and stacks, interspersed with unique and quirky stand-out pieces. They are inspired by Nature’s playful beauty, and classic, uncomplicated shapes. All pieces are made from recycled or ethically sourced materials of the highest grade. 


We Are One

We’re proud to have built an online community that continues to inspire our designs and ethos. A community that shares our belief in the magic of power accessorising as a means to express ourselves, raise confidence and exude joy.