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Free shipping on orders over £50

100% Recycled Sterling Silver

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Behind the Scenes

What we are up to…

Keep your eyes peeled. We have been working very hard in the background!

Keep your eyes peeled...

We are very excited to announce that we are launching rings very soon. The process of designing and producing each piece has taken 4.5 months in total from Emily's (Milly) first sketches, the whole way through to launch.

Each ring has been crafted from 925 Recycled Sterling Silver with a high quality thick 18ct Gold plating (if Gold is your vibe) from our wonderful ethical suppliers in Thailand.

Pssst...Get ready for the ring launch to include a molten delight, clean-cut signet ring and a croissant (with a twist, mind the pun).


We are currently designing our new packaging.

Our goal at MG is to always do the right thing, make improvements, and challenge ourselves.We are planning on making our packaging even more eco-conscious and special.

We are currently researching and designing every way to make this possible.

All MG jewellery is currently presented in our branded responsibly sourced FSC certified recyclable packaging, however, we want to go that step further to make your unboxing experience special.

What has been and always will be most important to us

Here at MG, our most important values include creating high quality jewellery accessible without the traditional retail mark-up.

No matter our growth, we will always aim to do better, be better and disrupt the affordable jewellery industry.


This is our primary focus. We want every customer to feel highly valued and confident that they will love their new golden MG pieces. We will always go that step beyond to make sure you love our pieces just as much as we do.

Spill it all! What else is coming?

Lets just say...Our range is doubling in May. We will leave that excitement with you.

Thank you

From us, to you.

Thank you for all of your support of our beautiful jewellery brand. Your love for our jewellery has meant that we were able to do better.

Emily (Milly) is able to now design more beautiful jewellery to give our customers more choice. We are able to make more moves to improve our brand, improve our packaging and maybe even get some beautiful jewellery c.... We'll stop there.