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Free shipping on orders over £50

Free shipping on orders over £50

100% Recycled Sterling Silver


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Our new packaging!

A topic on everybody’s lips over the last couple of years has been what more we can do as people, and community, to improve our attitudes towards our planet, sustainability, and the effect that we have on our surroundings.

We’ve only just celebrated our first birthday, and so in the grand scheme of things we are still very much in our infancy, but we are aware of many things that we need to do, that many brands that have been around for a long time are only now beginning to adapt to. We have always wanted to be a sustainable brand, and being kind to our planet and customer is at the forefront of everything we do.

So, while you’ve loved the pieces that have come safely nestled inside our beautiful boxes for the last year, we have been working up ways to keep them just as beautiful (if not more!), and also make them more environmentally friendly.

We’ve been working so hard to get things ready, and those of you who have made purchases in the last few weeks will have noticed that we’ve made some significant changes for the better when it comes to our packaging - all a part of our move towards a more sustainable future, and part of our really important journey so that we can be who we want to be, as a brand and name.

Our unboxing experience is totally reinvented so that you can have a plastic-free, eco-friendly delivery that still brings you all of the joy and love, without the impact on the planet - just how things should be.

In every order, you can be sure that you’ll get a paperless dispatch, and there will be no single-use plastic. Every one of our delivery boxes is eco-friendly, and the labels are compostable too! And of course, all of the packaging is either reusable, recycled or recyclable - woohoo!

Our favourite part? Each piece comes nestled in an organic cotton pouch, which is so beautiful, and will keep your special treasures safe from dust and damage, and is perfect for tucking away or travelling - not like big and bulky boxes!

We’ll continue to always be fully transparent with you about where our products come from - including our packaging, and the impact that we have on the environment, as we think that’s really important in building your trust.

We hope that you love the new packaging as much as we do! Please do share your photos on social media, we get so excited everytime we see them.