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Free shipping on orders over £50

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Enjoy the little things is here!

It’s here, it’s happening! Today is the day of our Enjoy the Little Things launch. Unlike some big corporations, we’re an incredibly small team, and so every single purchase, social media comment and review mean the world to us. Maybe that’s why today is such a big day - one that has given us all butterflies in our tummies and is both exciting and incredibly nerve wracking.

All of your help in leaving us honest reviews, feedback and comments, has meant that along with the help of our design team, we are launching our brand new website, branding, more sustainable packaging, and a whopping 40 products today, all in one day!

Part of this change has come with our constant journey whereby we aim to be consistent, trustworthy and personal in all that we do. We hope that as Milly Grace customers, you will continue to follow us on this journey, and enjoy it as much as we do. You’re our family after all - none of this would be possible without your love.

For a closer insight, here are some of the reasons as to why we made a few changes.

Our clover icon, one we're very lucky to have if you pardon the pun, was inspired by Milly herself. Milly and her sister have a shared tattoo with a personal meaning. We use our gorgeous icon to give our official Milly Grace seal of quality approval - just like old jewellery hallmarks.

You may notice that our colouring gets a little warmer. The original inspiration began with the backdrop to our products - skin tones. Along with some bolder colours that are reflective of our commitment to well-being and self care.

And now onto the products, and oh boy were they worth the wait.

All of our pieces are authentically us in every single way. Milly spent a lot of time designing them - from the very early stage of sketching away on the sofa when she had a late night lightbulb moment, right through to the final, intricate details.

While we’re launching this collection during the spring-summer seasons, we truly believe that every single piece has a lifetime of seasonless, classic love in them.

Some of our must have pieces include: Padlock Necklace, Theia Pendant, Rhodochrosite Ring, Retro Flat Hoops, Molten Oval Hoops, Chunky Curb Chain Bracelet.

Hopefully you’ll share your joy with us around the launch, and make sure to share your snaps with us on social media - we love to see them!

Wish us luck!