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Free shipping on orders over £50

100% Recycled Sterling Silver

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Behind the Scenes

A few things we are proud of…

We wanted to take some time to talk about two topics that are not only really important to us at Milly Grace, but also at the heart of what we do.

When we launched, back last year, some things were very clear to us. We wanted to make our mark in the industry by starting off on the right foot. This means lots of things, but includes being a Living Wage Employer, and more recently, becoming Carbon Neutral.

For us, it’s all about our impact on the world continuing to grow as the brand grows.

To break it down a little, being carbon neutral means achieving net-zero carbon dioxide emissions. This can be done by balancing emissions of carbon dioxide with its removal, or by eliminating emissions from society.

On top of this, we work with a pretty cool organisation, called Ecologi, that plants one tree for every purchase made with Milly Grace. How brilliant is that?

You can even see the little seedlings growing on their website, and learn more about the impact that we’ve been able to have on our planet so far.

Already, we’ve planted 1,366 trees and offset an extra 4.43 tonnes of CO2 - which is the equivalent to 3 whole long-haul flights! We’re only able to do this because of your love and support.

So, you should know that this month alone, we’ve been able to support an onshore wind energy generation in Taiwan, and forest protection schemes in Northern Zimbabwe - we’re so happy, and also can’t thank you enough!

On top of that, all our sterling silver has had a previous life, likely in the form of unwanted jewellery, or unused electronic and medical equipment, and so cuts down on unnecessary waste. Doesn’t it make it so much more special to know that your Giraffe Huggies or Elevate Ridged Band Ring have their own history, and that within each gram of metal used in your pieces, there is a story.

By recycling jewellery, we are able to cut down on our impact on the planet, contribute to a circular economy, and keep our costs accessible whilst never compromising on quality. But more on that later!

Milly started the brand in her university home, and so our story has a very humble background. We've always strongly believed that every employee of ours is paid the National Living Wage.

Every single member of our team is cherished, from our suppliers to those who pack our orders. And, we believe that everybody deserves a wage that meets everyday needs.

Going forward, we want to continue to have a positive impact on our planet, for our customers and employees. We want to inspire each and every person who comes into contact with our brand - and not just through our jewellery, but through what we do, too.

We’ll keep growing and learning, and as ever, what you have to say matters to us, so stay in touch.