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Recycled 925
Sterling Silver
We are 100%
Carbon Neutral

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Meet Milly

Founder, Designer,
Lover of the Little Things

- Abbie

Absolutely love my giraffe earrings. They look so great on and so many people have complemented me on them. Fab company, great customer service and gorgeous jewellery

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Enjoy the little things

Life is made up of small details that come together to create a beautiful whole. Often, it’s the little things we end up cherishing the most because they carry with them the deepest meaning. The uncomplicated can bring us peace, simplicity births joy, and some of our most beloved memories are locked inside humble things.

From this ode to the little things comes the inspiration for our pieces. We’ve crafted a collection that can be mixed and matched to create unlimited possibilities for self-expression. We want your Milly Grace to help you represent your true self in all its intricate beauty. Let the little things make the biggest difference.